Well Optimization
Well Optimization

Well Optimize is a blend of highly effective solvents and alcohols that work synergistically to dissolve paraffin deposits, remove emulsion and water blocks found near or deep wellbore. The product also exhibits strong water wetting and dispersancy properties to aid in the overall treatment and increased oil production.

Recommended Uses

Well Optimize is an highly effective combination products mainly designed for squeeze applications in both oil and gas well applications. The product can be used for a variety of applications including continuous, batch and squeeze.

Continuous: Continuous injection can be implemented where there are high line pressures in small ID flowlines. Difficult to recommend treatment rates, field tests will determine.
Batch Treatment: For well enhancement or removal of existing deposits a batch soak is recommended. For downhole well treatment 200-600 liters of product is usually recommended, downhole pressures will dictate volume required. Recommend product be batched neat and soak for 12-24 hours depending on deposit temperature.
Formation Squeeze: For deeper wellbore damage we recommend squeezing 250-500 liters per meter of perforations. Product can be applied by Nitrogen displacement or with a liquid medium.

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