DE-1300 Series Demulsifier highly effective mixture of emulsion breakers of non-ionic surface active. DE-1300 series is a field-proven, proprietary formulation of blended nonionic surfactants designed to prevent emulsion of crude oils and spent stimulation/acidizing fluids. Oil/water separation can be accelerated by adding a small amount (0.5 – 3.0 gallons per thousand gallons, gpt) of this product in stimulation fluids. DE-1300 series works effectively in various concentrations of HCl, HCl/HF mixtures, and brine waters. Its abilities to render the water-wetting surface and to reduce the surface tension make it an effective demulsifier for many types of well stimulation operations. DE-1300 series is a water-based product. Organic solvents are excluded from the ingredients, which gives DE-1300 the distinguishable and desirable features of being non- flammable and non-hazardous.


* Used as a preferred demulsifier additive in acidic stimulation fluids.
* Effective in accelerating oil/ water separation of produced fluids.
* Applicable for all types of formations in both oil and gas wells.
* Designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas.
* Added "on-the-fly" to stimulation fluids or may be used as demulsifier on surface.

Other Demulsifiers for consideration.
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