Acid Systems
Acid Systems

Aisling’s SCA-979HT is a proprietary safe performance acid blend, formulated specifically for high temperature acidizing operations up to 195°C. SCA-979HT is fully compatible with a wide range of acid additives typically used in oil, gas, injection, and disposal wells. The proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors (CI-979HT) reduces the total corrosion in 
the wellbore providing 4 hours of corrosion protection at 195°C. With a dissolving power equivalent of 15% HCl, SCA-979HT provides superior safe handling without compromising performance. SCA-979HT is pre-blended for corrosion protection to 175°C but can be extended to 195°C with the addition of CI-979HT.

Material Compatibility: The following shows the compatibility of SCA-979HT Premium Acid System with a selection of metals commonly used in the field and elastomer materials. *Check with your water additive representative to determine the optimal dosage for your optimal system of recommendations for your system.

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