Viscosity Reducers for Heavy Oil
Viscosity Reducers for Heavy Oil

RHO Series is a formulated nonionic surfactant system designed as a heavy oil recovery additive agent. As a highly efficient viscosity reducer, RHO Series can achieve its superior performance at low dosage (typically 1 – 5 gallons per thousand gallons, gpt) in a neutral or caustic solution. Specifically, its main function is to significantly reduce the bulk viscosity of heavy oil, thereby to improve the oil mobility in formations, production wells and also surface transportation pipelines. RHO Series can also function as an emulsifier, wetting agent and Interfacial Tension (IFT) reducer which all contribute to enhanced heavy oil recovery, production and processing. Its wide compatibility with brines and other chemicals in oil field operation and good stability towards elevated temperature and salinity assure its extensive applicability in various conditions.


* Increases the recovery of heavy oils.
* Improves the flow properties for heavy oil pipeline transportation.
* Superior viscosity reducer applied to the bottom of production wells to improve the lifting efficiency.
* Effective additive for pre-flush application to improve cyclic steam oil recovery.
* Used as stimulation “Huff-Puff” solution for improving cold production.
* Formulated with caustic solutions as an improved treatment to reduce the viscosity of heavy oils.

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